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Introducing ethical responsibility at an early age is essential toward building the moral foundation of our communities.

Children’s Book Series

Seeing the need to introduce ethics at an early age, Dr. Sekerka created the Being a Better Bear book series for children. Transforming core concepts for preschoolers, young learners are introduced to the character of Fred the bear. By following the young cub’s antics, children discover what it means to be ethical and how to deal with ethical issues that emerge in everyday life. In today’s connected screen-oriented world, children see, hear, and experience ethical issues very early in their lives. Preparing them for how to navigate these challenges is the duty of every parent and educator.

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Being a
Better Bear:
The Ethics of
Cheezee Pleazees

By Leslie E. Sekerka
With Illustrations & Graphics by William, John, and Leonard Jenkins


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ISBN: 978-0991519668

Ethics in Action Research & Education Center

Ongoing reports of unethical behavior in business illustrate the need to increase ethical awareness and fortify moral strength. While compliance demands accountability, educators and practitioners agree that more must be done to make ethical performance a desirable business goal. The Ethics Center at Menlo College strives to counter the pervasive ethical corrosion present in today’s world. Sponsoring the Ethics in Action Guest Speaker Series the Center brings students together with Silicon Valley business leaders to promote ethical discourse. The Ethics Center also supports a variety of research and educational and training programs within organizations, helping employees better understand moral competency development.